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Why Melbourne is still hot property

Melbourne is the iconic symbol of the modern Australian city.

Full of character and rich in history, always identifiable yet always changing.

Melbourne offers such a diverse combination that encompasses the ‘live, work, play’ catchcry, thats it’s almost impossible not to love Melbourne, and the reason so many love living or visiting Melbourne.

For the property market, despite some areas reporting a slight oversupply of apartments, primarily in the Melbourne CBD, most property values in Melbourne just keep on rising and almost seem untouched by any economic changes.

In fact, according to RPData, last year the average Melbourne dwelling price has a 7.8 % increase, and to top it off, Melbourne was the World’s most liveable city, not once, but for the third time in a row!

Figures also show that Melbourne has experienced the largest growth of any Australian city over the past five years, growing at around 2% per year.

It is expected that the Melbourne population will reach around 8 million by 2050, and currently it is over half way there, with more people moving to the suburbs of Melbourne every day to enjoy a great work/life balance that only a place like Melbourne can offer.

Melbourne is full of culture, great dining, shopping and probably the cafe capital of Australia.

While the Melbourne weather is known to put on a bit of a show in terms of every-changing conditions, it’s also these weather patterns that bring out the best of it’s unique dining opperings and multi seasonal fashion from the world’s best designers that can be found everywhere throughout Melbourne.

But with Melbourne’s population growing rapidly, many investors may be concerned about investing in the property market.

In fact, it’s not until you understand the layout of Melbourne, that you realize that now is the time to buy in Melbourne if you are looking at a home in the Melbourne suburbs, such as Hawthorne east or Camberwell. These suburbs are quietly becoming the hotspots and the prime places to invest or just to live. They are located close to the Melbourne CBD, yet far enough away to offer plenty of lifestyle opportunities such as the dining, shopping that everyone loves Melbourne for.

And for those already living in the heart of Melbourne, the need to escape the city population ‘squeeze’ will most likely see some residents finding the move to the outer suburbs such as Camberwell a refreshing change.

Of you would liek to find out more about lifestyle investment opportunities in Melbourne, inspect Aerial Apartments and enjoy the ideal Melbourne life.




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