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Melbourne’s prestige property market on the rise

While much of Australia is still recovering from the pain of a slow property market for over two years, there are a couple of places that still seem unscathed by the slow market economy.

In fact, one location is not just shrugging off the supposed downturn, but actually booming along in a relatively high end market.

And that place is of course one of Australia’s favourite places to live, play and shop...Melbourne!

It was only recently that the Age newspaper reported that last year almost 1 in 8 melbourne homes sold for over a million dollars.

So what makes Melbourne, and it’s surrounding suburbs like Camberwell, remain such a popular place when other cities and their suburbs are still suffering?

If you have ever visited Camberwell the attraction is almost instantaneous, with this bustling suburb the next happening place to live and be seen. Apart from the major asset of being so close to public transport to find your way into the heart of Melbourne in minutes, Camberwell still has that local spirit to it, but at the same time new trendy cafes and boutique fashion stores are popping up at every corner, making it the perfect place for a leisurely day out shopping, or a night out for a few quiet drinks with friends.

Camberwell is rapidly changing, becoming one of the modern hotspots to live, with many older buildings either being renovated or demolished to make way for uber-stylish new developments, like the new Aerial apartments precinct.

Aerial offers the style that is well suited to the modern Melbourne trendsetter, offering a refreshing urban landscape at street level, and and a balcony view of Melbourne’s CBD as a perfect backdrop, which is especially stunning at night.

The brand new Aerial Apartments luxury apartments complex is also stunningly eye-catching and almost mesmerising to view from the street, with the towering curved modern glass structure commanding attention, and making a bold statement that Camberwell is changing, soon to become the ultimate place for Melbourne living.

So if you are considering a lifestyle investment with a fresh outlook, now is the time to consider the Melbourne property market before the tides of the property market rise.

Now is the perfect time to invest in the Melbourne lifestyle, and you won’t find a better investment, or place to live than the new Aerial luxury apartments.





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