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Investing in Hawthorn East, Melbourne:
Aerial Apartments-Your Gold Mine in Australia

If you have ever thought about investing in properties in Melbourne, consider Aerial Apartments in the Hawthorn area. It has a promising future ahead, due to its excellent access and growing population. If you are a young professional wanting to move, it is also an excellent place to call home. Aerial Apartments in the Hawthorn, Melbourne area has appeal to upwardly mobile professionals and investors alike. Here are a few reasons people are flocking to the Hawthorn area:


Area of Hawthorn is quickly becoming a social hub for restaurants, bars, and upmarket shopping
Easy access to public transport, making it even more popular with young professionals
Located in the suburbs of Melbourne, a large metropolitan area of Australia
Close to shopping centers and high levels of traffic and activity
Popular with upwardly mobile young professionals


  • Offers a unique "lifestyle" that you can't find in other places in Australia
  • 144 individual apartments with one, two, and three bedroom units
  • Choose from interiors with high quality fixtures and design, based on the work of renowned architect, Wood Marsh
  • Located in the heart of the metropolis of Melbourne, but removed enough for privacy and independent living away from the rush
  • Located close to cafes and cozy restaurants
  • Transportation within walking distance (train and tram networks)
  • Offers plenty of social and community activities while also offering your own space away from everything
  • Great urban views and landscapes due to ceiling glass and generous ceiling heights

Whether you are an investor looking to invest and buy properties in the Hawthorn, Melbourne area, or considering moving there, there are a lot of reasons to consider this thriving and growing area. Aerial Apartments offers investors a great way to get in on this thriving real estate market.

Investors can be secure in the fact that their money will come back to them with interest due to the growing interest in this area. You can remind potential tenants that they will be moving into one of the more affluent, growing areas of Melbourne, where they can develop a lifestyle they will enjoy. The Aerial Apartments in Hawthorn offer a thriving and growing investment opportunity for anyone wishing to break into real estate in the suburban area of Melbourne. People who move to the Hawthorn, Melbourne area have many opportunities for both social and work environments which will prove to be a place they can truly call "home."



5 Reasons to Invest in Melbourne's Aerial Apartments

Aerial Walk, Hawthorn's new shopping precinct

Investing in Hawthorn, Melbourne: Aerial Apartments-Your Gold Mine in Australia

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