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Interesting facts about Hawthorn East

Melbourne is one of Australia’s most vibrant cities, and in fact, has been awarded the most livable city in the world three years in a row.

Pretty impressive as it got the number one spot out of 139 other countries, including Vienna, Auckland and Vancouver. All very popular and beautiful places in their own rights.

There are many aspects to Melbourne that have helped it achieve it’s title, from the great selection of shopping outlets, through to it’s classy, quaint coffee shops and eateries, to the numerous landmarks that dot the city, making for a perfect photo opportunity.

Melbourne is history-rich, so a walk down some of Melbourne’s city streets will give the romantic connotations for a moment that you are walking the streets of Paris or an old english town, yet right around the corner are some of Melbourne’s most iconic, modern new structures that keep this city every changing. The old with the new is prevalent everywhere but it is it’s diversity that makes it so endearing to those that live there, and travelers alike.

Hawthorn East is one of Melbourne’s suburbs that is also rich in history, making for a beautiful backdrop for those that want to escape the main hustle and bustle of the Melbourne CBD.

Originally established in the 1880’s, Hawthorn East has a population of around 13,500 and just 7kms from the heart of Melbourne.

Hawthorn East has a number of large open green spaces which makes it popular for recreational activities, with the main one being the Fritsch Holzer Park, named after Augustus Fritsch and the Holzer brothers, who together formed the Upper Hawthorn Brick company back in 1883, helping to spur the growth of this area.

Hawthorn has a mixed demographic when it comes to age, which provides a great community outlook for all. You’ll find young families, professional couples, singles and retirees all share the suburb, which means that it caters for everyone. From a number of astute private schools, through to some of the largest corporations, such as Wesfarmers Coles division, all share this area.

When it comes to real estate in Hawthorn, it is equally as diverse, with a blend of old character homes through the modern townhouses and new luxury apartments such as Aerial.

All this diversity makes it a great place to live, with all the amenities anyone could want, and all within visible view of the Melbourne skyline.

When it comes to choosing which Melbourne suburb to live or invest in, it’s not hard to see why more people are putting Hawthorn east on top of their list!



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