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Why I love Living in Camberwell

My husband and I have worked hard to afford the best that Melborne has to offer. We think that we may have found it in the lovely suburb of Camberwell. This is a great and relaxed place to live. Our two children are in one of the best school districts in the city.

They love being able to bike there on nice days. We love that the streets are safe enough for them to be so independent. When we are not working, we love to take in the best that the area has to offer. I enjoy heading out to the local coffee shops for a little alone time or a fun meet up with a few friends.

There are so many little places to stop by, I don't think I’ve patronized them all yet! My husband and I love to take our date nights in our neighborhood, too. We have a great choice in what kind of dining we would like to enjoy when we get a sitter and can reconnect with one another.

Our family really likes going to the Sunday Markets, possibly the best flea market in Melbourne. It's just great. You never know when you'll b able to pick up a wonderful antique piece for the house for a song. Or, you may just end up spending some quality time in the out of doors with the family; either way, it is a great thing to be able to go to.

We love the easy access to great public transportation. My husband takes the transport to the Melbourne CBD each day for work. It's so handy. We have tram lines and train stations as well as biking and walking friendly streets. If we wanted to, we could live very nicely without ever taking the car out of the carport!

We aren't always on the go. Staying in has a great appeal, too.

We have been looking at the new Aerial Apartments on Riversdale Road. They are so eye-catching and have so many niceties to enjoy.

An in ground rooftop pool, a perfectly sized cinema, and a place to BBQ all make staying in a very attractive idea.


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