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5 reasons to live in iconic Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia is routinely heralded as one of the more livable cities on a worldwide scale. And with reason – Melbourne has great public facilities, impressive infrastructures, and the means to support a population of 4 million. Melbourne is the epicenter of Australian culture. Melbourne has the food, fashion, music, and the art scenes to support that. If you're unconvinced that this city is the place for you, then these are the top 5 reasons to live in iconic Melbourne.

Quality Dining:

First-time visitors tend to go back home raving about the food scene in Melbourne. The quality of Melbourne's restaurants are partly due to the easy access to local produce, nuanced by the cultural legacy of a diverse population. Flinders Lane is a central food hub of Melbourne. There, you will find options from casual lunches to fine dining.

Coffee Heaven:

Melbourne is one of the worlds great coffee cities. You will find that Melbourne's streets are fixed with specialty coffee shops in every corner. Melbourne has been privileged enough to host the world's Barista Championships. You will find coffee excellence in chic surroundings, satisfying all types of coffee lovers.

Global Shopping Market:

The city is full of high end shopping districts as well as factory outlets for the bargain shopper. Chad Stone is a large shopping center with many of the world's top clothing brands. If you are into a more intimate settings, you will find small boutiques full of quality pieces. Visit Melbourne for accessible, attractive shopping centres.

Getting on a Bike:

Melbourne is relatively flat when compared to surrounding areas, making it a haven for those who like to travel on wheels. Cycling in Melbourne is common for recreational and commuting needs. The city supports bikers, for it has an extensive network of off-road bicycle paths. The streets of Melbourne are also designed with bicycle lanes. The mild climate and the relatively flat terrain of Melbourne makes it particularly attractive to bicyclists.

Easy Travels:

Traveling in Melbourne is relatively easy. The road system is expansive. The abundance of trains, trams, and buses makes it easy to reach all corners of Melbourne. Public transportation is comprehensive, allowing you to immerse yourself in different scenes on a whim.

Aerial Apartments in nearby Camberwell is an idyllic place for those who want to live in Melbourne. Fixed with a rooftop pool, landscaped deck, and BBQ facilities; you will proudly go back home after spending a day out in the iconic city of Melbourne. Contact us if you want to learn more about living in Melbourne with style.


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